Sunday, May 23, 2010

week 28: hospital tour

Pete and I had a tour of Mercy Gilbert Medical Center over the weekend. We've heard wonderful things about the facility & it's staff these past few months. The tour did not disappoint.

The hospital is attractive and inviting (and very easy to get to!). It didn't have the cold, sterile feeling we were expecting. The employees were very friendly, the waiting areas were comfortable, the labor & recovery rooms were cozy, and the security is incredible!

We did, however, have a couple homework assignments before the big due date...1. purchase a car seat and make sure it is properly installed before delivery. 2. Choose our pediatrician for Baby Flocken. This is especially important for 'boys'.

Here are a few shots of Mercy Gilbert.

{Entrance, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center}

{Delivery Room, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center}

{Recovery Room & Nursery, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center}

{Chapel & Lobby, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center}

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