Monday, April 19, 2010

week 23: baby registry

A baby registry is A LOT different than a wedding registry; a daunting task that completely overwhelmed me yesterday. I spent hours researching the strangest I get a manual nasal aspirator or one that is automatic and plays music as a distraction? Both are pretty gross. Is a swaddling blanket with velcro better than one without? Is a video monitor necessary or can we rely on the old audio monitor? All this left me with a bit of a headache and stinging eyes.

After reading a variety of baby blogs and viewing a number of "must have" lists, it looks as though we're shooting for over 100 baby items to register for. Yikes! Let me tell you this, the "quick start" registry lists are not helpful, and who knows if an item that has been given a 4-star rating will actually work for us and baby Flocken.

I've decided to take the advice of Currant Baby. They offer a registry checklist that seems pretty manageable. So far, I've checked off a handful of items, practical goods at Babies R Us, and cutesie things from The Land of Nod. I'll take it day by day, section by section, and hopefully will have this registry completed in the next couple weeks.

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