Monday, April 26, 2010

week 24: kid-friendly back yard

We've put a lot of hard work in to our backyard to make it an inviting place for us to relax. We've removed all the prickly agaves, nurtured our lawn, planted soft shrubs, vines and fragrant flowers. After all of this, have we made a kid-friendly environment?

Our friends Holly and Jeremy made it to our house this past weekend with their boys Mason (5, soon to be six!) and Tyler (2). We were absolutely thrilled to see the boys plop right down in the grass like it was a big green carpet. They pulled out their tiny toy trucks and pushed them on our curbing like it was a long winding road. Our vines we're training on a wall became a soccer goal. Our patio cover was the perfect launching pad to catch bouncing balls. And, who knew how fun watering plants could be!

We're thrilled that our little yard provided hours of entertainment (with no injuries).

Kid-friendly backyard...yes!

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